Snug Harbor Pottery

Squiggle Bowl

$ 52.00 USD

This 1 1/2 quart bowl is glazed in blue rutile and has raised "squiggles" all around the outside surface. The interior has a smooth surface. You can use it in the oven, or it's pretty enough to display on your counter.


Speckled Bowl

$ 38 USD

This 2 qt. bowl is glazed clear on a speckled clay body, drawing out the specks. It reminds me of the formica countertops still in my momma's kitchen. A throwback look to potluck dinnerware at a family reunion in the olden days.


Bluegrass and Cinnamon Casserole

$ 46.00 USD

This is a 1 qt. casserole great for a veggie dish or hot dip appetizer. Interior is saturated iron glaze (rust colored). The exterior is cinnamon and bluegrass colored glaze.


Salsa or Hot Dip Bowl

$ 32.00 USD


This little dish is Sea Green with Mottled Brown accents. The handles are textured. It will hold 3 1/2 cups of your salsa or hot dip.


Small and Deep Bowl

$ 32.00 USD

This small but deep bowl has handles near the rim should you need a better grip on it. Glazed in obsidian, it has multiple drips of rhubarb and blue purple running toward the inside melting into the bottom swirl.


Shallow Merlot Bowl

$ 32.00 USD

This shallow bowl is approximately 7" in diameter. Perfect for holding that veggie side item or chips when company comes over. Glazed in smokey merlot, there are drips of accent glaze on the rim.


Blue Whale Bowl

$ 38.00 USD

This shallow bowl could double as both a bread plate for your dinner table, or as a decorative accent on your counter top. It's 10 inches in diameter and has a notched outside edge bordering textured sides. It's glazed in blue whale, which is a gray blue that breaks to a gray brown color where the glaze was applied thinner.

Copper Patina Casserole

$ 42.00 USD

This small casserole dish holds 4 cups. It's small enough to tote to all of your tailgating events and as stoneware, it will hold onto the heat. Copper patina and magic glaze on the outside, celedon green on the inside on speckled clay.


Mottled Brown Casserole

$ 44.00 USD

Holding 4 1/2 cups this is a solid little casserole dish. The earthen red clay body peeks through where the glaze breaks over the ribbing. The mottled glaze is blue on the smooth surfaces.


Oak Leaf and Acorn Bowl

$ 52.00 USD

This decorative bowl is reminiscent of fall with it's dark oak leaves and acorn adorning the rim. It is glazed in jade and albany slip adding to it's autumn theme.


Sienna and Seaweed Casserole

$ 76.00 USD

This 2 qt. casserole has a lid with a sturdy knob and textured handles. It is glazed in sienna speckle with drips of seaweed green on the lid and down the sides. The inside is glazed clear over the speckled clay body.


Seafoam Bean Pot

$ 82.00 USD

This bean pot would be perfect for your summertime potluck. Holding an ample 2 qts., the stoneware will help to keep your hot foods hot. The light brown and seafoam glazes spark memories of sand and surf. The inside is glazed in malt. 


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