Snug Harbor Pottery

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I can custom-make anything you would like.  If my head can envision it, my hands can make it!  This was a platter made for a charter fishing outfit.  Their logo was a skull and crossbones.  I had to research on the internet to see what a walleye looked like!

To the left is a personalized gator bank I had made with the newborn baby's name. ....Above is a wine and cheese platter that I was asked to make as a gift for someone who appreciated  fine wine.

                                        Glazes, glazes and MORE glazes! 

Glazes, glazes and more glazes!

                                          The workhorse -- my Skutt kiln. 

What better way to say, "This mug is mine" than to have your name on it?  The mug on the left was made for someone passionate about turtles.  On the right -- the customer loved pink.  Personalized mugs make great gifts.

Ewwwwww!  Just so you know...not everything I make turns out quite like I wish it would.  I call these my "factory seconds." 

(Our dogs and cats now  have an extensive collection of food and water dishes.)

                         Part of my display at an arts and crafts festival. 

Squilliam, the glazing supervisor.

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