Snug Harbor Pottery

Sushi Set

$ 78.00 USD

This sushi set has everything needed for a full meal. There is a platter and cup for soy sauce. A small soup and salad bowl. Rice bowl with chop stick cut outs and a tea cup rounds out the set. A dark brown clay body, the outsides are glazed halfway down to show the richness of the hue. Textured chrome is the glaze.


Ginger Jar

$ 29.00 USD

This little ginger jar is 6" tall. On the white clay, the jade glaze looks creamy with a subtle difference down from the rim due to overglazing in another color. The interior has been glazed a translucent tan with melted crystals of gold and brown, making it look like spilled drops of coffee.


Honey Jar

$ 29.00 USD

This honey jar will hold ample amounts of the sweet, sticky goodness for your family's table. Glazed blue on a speckled clay body, the inside is glazed clear highlighting all of the specks. The handled lid allows for easy removal and is slotted to fit the dipper when not in use.


Grape Cluster Platter

$ 78.00 USD

Serving cheese with that wine? What better way to display than on this 12" platter with the hand carved grape cluster and leaf! The carving was made to look like linocut. Thrown with a dark brown clay body, the glaze shows as a deep wine.The finger cutouts on each side are topped with twisted handles mimicking grape tendrils. 


Scripture Platter

$ 58.00 USD

This decorative platter was hand built with a white clay body. It was hand painted with underglazes to depict a joyful bluebird tweeting musical notes to her nest of babies. "O sing unto the Lord a new song" platter is highlighted in bright blue with black lettering.


Children's Place Setting

$ 52.00 USD

This place setting could be a gift for a favorite child or for your dieting good friend. The plate is 8"across (with 5"food surface space), and the bowl holds just over 16 ozs. Glazed partly in brown and part tan, there are royal blue and white highlights embellishing the meeting edges.


What-Not Jar

$ 34.00 USD

This lidded jar can hold all of your "what nots"-- change, tea bags...whatever needs a place to land. It's glazed in pine green with accents of fool's gold--which streaks shiny black. You can see your reflection in this jar. The inside is glazed an umber color.


Get Outta Dodge Money Jar

$ 32.00 USD

To help you save for that day when you need to be anywhere but where you are, this jar is 6" high. The corked opening is wide enough for both bills and change. It is glazed in iron red with red gold overlay on dark brown clay.


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